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Some Covid Links

Jen Psaki claims that the White House doesn’t know that a 79-year-old man who gets Covid might suffer more seriously than would someone in his or her 20s who gets Covid. (DBx: Please tell me again why government officials are to be trusted to “follow the science.”)

CDC reports of historical covid deaths drop by 70k to correct ‘coding error.'”

Reason‘s Eric Boehm reports yet more gross incompetence by America’s public-health (so-called) bureaucracy.

Covid hysteria further battered the democratic ethos.

Maybe some good news out of China?

Dr. Eli David tweets: (HT Martin Kulldorff)

Two years after the entire world (except Sweden) locked down, it is now clear that they were all wrong and Sweden 🇸🇪 was right.

Will they admit it? Will Fauci apologize for causing the most damage any scientist ever caused? Don’t hold your breath…

Linking to a (gated) piece that she recently coauthored in the San Francisco Chronicle, Leslie Bienen tweets: (HT Jay Bhattacharya)

Our nation’s top health officials must undo the fear they helped create and reassure families and educators that normal pre-pandemic school is safe.