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Some Covid Links

Wall Street Journal letter-writer Michael Galassi rightly decries the reality that the Covidocrats who inflicted on society so much damage will suffer no ill-consequences for their arrogant misdeeds:

Your editorial “The Mask Mandate Goes Down” (April 19) says “this has been a rough few months” for the CDC. How so? Its eviction moratorium was in place for over a year before it was struck down, and the mask mandate even longer. Was the agency penalized in any way for exceeding its statutory authority? Was anybody fired, demoted or anything? The CDC has demonstrated that it can exceed its authority with impunity.

Michael J. Galassi
Hurst, Texas

Jeffrey Tucker talks with Ian Miller about mask mania.

About last-week’s U.S. District Court ruling striking down the CDC’s mask mandate, Vinay Prasad writes: “Everyone is mad at the judge, they should be mad at the CDC.” A slice:

We ran zero such trials. The CDC ran no studies. No one knows the answer to these questions, despite their bluster. The truth is it seems highly implausible that wearing a mask on one ear lobe, while eating pretzels for an hour works.

The CDC failed it’s social contract. It implemented a policy and never generated evidence. This turned a scientific question into a political one. Naturally battle lines were drawn.

Finally a judge comes in and throws out the mandate. Many people are upset with the judge. But the judge didn’t fail you. The CDC failed you. It never ran a trial. It never generated knowledge. It kept us in the dark. It should be no surprise that it lost it’s power and legitimacy. It proved it does not deserve the power it was was entrusted by the people. It failed to use science to reduce uncertainty. We should be ashamed of the organization. I certainly am.

Here’s a distressing tweet from Emily Feng in Beijing: (HT Jay Bhattacharya)

Beijing’s largest district (where I live) is undergoing mass “routine PCR testing” beginning tomorrow after 40 or so Covid cases in the last week. Most residents are interpreting this as sign of imminent, total lockdown. Long lines and empty shelves at supermarkets tonight.

Jay Bhattacharya writes to Twitter:

Dear @TwitterSupport,

Why are your algorithms automatically unliking ‘likes’ of my pinned tweet? As a publisher, if your editorial position opposes the @gbdeclaration, you should say so honestly with good arguments, rather than sneaky deplatforming nonsense.


Scott Morefield tweets: (HT Jay Bhattacharya)

When Dr. Fauci insists the CDC’s decisions “shouldn’t be a court issue,” what he’s really saying is that a small group of unelected bureaucrats should be able to rule the populace without accountability to anyone. There are a few words for that, and none of them is “democracy.”

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Martin Kulldorff tweets:

Covid mortality:
Less restrictions (Sweden) vs more restrictions (Europe)

It’s better to be in Taiwan than in China.