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Some Links

Chris Freiman is correct: “Socialism doesn’t liberate workers from domination.”

James Harrigan celebrates Juneteenth.

Juliette Sellgren talks with Walter Olson about election fraud.

GMU Econ alum Gabby Beaumont-Smith, writing at Reason, explains that “Congress and Biden probably just made the shipping problem worse.” A slice:

As the supply chain fell into disarray, the market adjusted and prices increased, including shipping prices. These price increases were the result of simple economics, not price gouging by greedy shipping companies. Ocean carriers raised prices in response to high demand for goods with a limited supply of shipping as ships and containers were stuck in congested ports. Ocean carriers increased prices in an attempt to temper demand for shipping. As evidence that prices rose because of supply and demand, not greed, consider that shipping prices have recently fallen as supply chain woes have started to abate: Spot rates for 20-foot containers from Asia to the United States dropped almost 33 percent since peaking in September 2021.

Here’s wisdom and insight from the always-wise and always-insightful Bruce Yandle.

Pierre Lemieux isn’t surprised by Biden’s economic myopia.

Liz Wolfe reports on more absurdity from the CDC.

“Brutal lockdown proves final straw for the middle classes fleeing Shanghai” – so reports the Telegraph.

Covid is not a leading cause of death in children.

In this long read, Michael Betrus details how the media fueled unwarranted covid hysteria and the consequent lockdowns.