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The Wall Street Journal‘s Editorial Board rightly criticizes SEC Chairman Gary Gensler’s proposed obstructions on financial markets. Here’s Editorial Board’s conclusion:

U.S. markets have on all the evidence been working well despite sharp monetary policy changes. The real purpose here seems to be the one that’s animated Mr. Gensler’s SEC tenure thus far: bringing as much financial activity as possible under his agency’s scope.

Max Borders pens an open letter to a young Marxist.

J.D. Tuccille argues for school choice.

“Price caps are a dumb idea” – so explains Warren Coats. A slice:

If prices are not allowed to ration supply among demanders such that everyone willing to pay $4.85 gets all they want, an alternative rationing mechanism must be imposed. Ration coupons might be issued randomly, or by lottery, or by the first letter of your last name, or to friends and relatives of the government civil servants handing out the ration coupons. Unlike any of these formulas, price rationing provides the available supply to those with the most pressing need for it. Less important trips will be canceled or postponed.

Steven Hayward is appalled by the goings-on today among many professional “historians.” (HT Phil Magness)

On Twitter, Jay Bhattacharya asks an important question:

Why are there people mad about fake reports of Florida banning books, but not mad about @Twitter and big tech banning dissident voices on covid? There is not one iota of moral difference between the two, but the former is a figment of imagination and the latter is real.