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Walter Williams on the Welfare State

During my final semester of law school at the University of Virginia I persuaded the UVA Law chapter of the Federalist Society to sponsor a talk by my then-former (and, as matters turned out, also future) GMU Econ colleague, the great Walter Williams. I didn’t realize that any recordings of this talk, which was delivered on UVA’s North Grounds, by Walter are available until my colleague Dan Klein alerted me to the one below (which is of only a portion of that talk).

The date was March 24th, 1992. I’m certain of this fact because, as I recall very clearly, in the Q&A session immediately after Walter’s talk, my friend Jim Lark asked for Walter’s reaction to the death the day before of F.A. Hayek. That was how I learned of Hayek’s death. I don’t remember the details of Walter’s response other than that Walter too, until that moment, had not learned of Hayek’s death.