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Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 15 of Michael Shellenberger’s excellent 2020 book, Apocalypse Never: Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All (footnote deleted):

When a hurricane hits Florida, it might kill no one, but when the same storm hits Haiti, thousands can die instantly through drowning and subsequently in disease epidemics like cholera. The difference is that Florida is in a wealthy nation with hardened buildings and roads, advanced weather forecasting, and emergency management. Haiti, by contrast, is poor nation that lacks modern infrastructure and systems.

DBx: If you consider yourself to be an environmentalist who is concerned about the condition of the environment because of its consequences for human beings, then you should be a vigorous supporter of economic growth. Prosperity both protects people from environmental harms and provides people with the interest and leisure to enjoy the natural environment. And because the best policies for promoting sustained economic growth are policies that keep markets free, open, and wide, you should champion free markets.