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Writing at his Facebook page, Phil Magness identifies a fundamental misrepresentation of American history made in the new documentary based on the fallacy-filled 1619 Project. A slice:

Welp, the 1619 Project Hulu series is already a dumpster fire.

They filmed the part about the American Revolution on the grounds of the colonial governor’s mansion in Williamsburg. Nikole Hannah-Jones interviews Woody Holton, where they jointly make the case that Lord Dunmore’s proclamation of November 1775 was an “Emancipation Proclamation” of the slaves that roused the colonists to rebellion.

Throughout the scene, they give the impression that Dunmore issued his order from Williamsburg, with Holton even pointing at the building as he speaks. But this is an egregious factual error. In reality, the rebellion had already been underway in Virginia for almost 6 months. Dunmore fled Williamsburg on June 8, 1775 and had already lost control of the colony. He was sheltering in exile aboard the British navy ship William off the coast of Norfolk, and issued his order from there as a desperate attempt to regain power.

Inspired by the James Webb Space Telescope, George Will writes eloquently about the changing universe – and about science. Here’s his conclusion:

Earth is biophilic only somewhat (volcanoes, earthquakes, viruses, etc.), and only briefly, as measured by the cosmos’s clock. But what distinguishes us from trees and trout and every known (so far) thing in the universe is what Webb exists solely to satisfy. The Webb Space Telescope speaks well of us precisely because it has, and needs, no justification beyond the purity of its service to curiosity.

Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberly Strassel warns us to indeed be worried that the government might well deny us access to gas stoves. Two slices:

The reason gas stoves are in the news is simple: There is a coordinated, calculated—and well-funded—strategy to kill them off. It’s the joint enterprise of extremely powerful climate groups, working with Biden administration officials who have publicly stated their aim to eliminate all “combustion appliances” in homes. Only after the GOP called them out did anyone pretend otherwise.


The stated goal of all these group is killing gas to “save” the planet. Yet they also know Americans won’t give up their stoves in the name of climate. So several years ago this cabal hit on the idea of contradicting decades of science and ginning up hokey studies claiming gas stoves present a “health risk.” The twin goals: scare Americans and give government a pretext to ban gas cooking.

This is how you end up with climate outfits masquerading as health experts. One frequently cited study from the Rocky Mountain Institute—claiming to find a link between gas stoves and childhood asthma—was co-authored by two RMI staffers, neither of whom has a science degree. Another favorite study by New York University’s Institute for Policy Integrity claims gas stoves cause “dangerous levels of indoor air pollution.” It was written by two lawyers, and it cites … the RMI study. Ah, science.

Philip Klein decries Kevin McCarthy’s unseriousness about addressing the problem posed by excessive U.S. government indebtedness. Here’s his conclusion:

Entitlement reform is not about “crushing our own people” — as Don [Trump] Jr. put it — it’s about addressing the moral disgrace of government programs that will crush younger Americans for decades to come.

Constitutions Matter for Tax Rates.”

John G. Murphy explains – and offers real-world examples of – how “extending the reach of Buy America rules to new products and sectors can easily backfire and make infrastructure development goals harder to achieve.”

I’m always pleased to join Amy Jacobson and Dan Proft, this time mostly for a discussion about the myth of middle-class stagnation.

Anthony LaMesa tweets: (HT Jay Bhattacharya)

I think it was really weird for society to force so-called essential workers to keep serving the laptop class in person, but not allow them to eat a meal at a restaurant or drink a beer at a bar after work.

Ian Vásquez reports a reality as sad and scary as it is unsurprising: “The Pandemic Was a Catastrophe for Global Freedom.” A slice:

In the year 2020, 94 percent of the world’s population saw a fall in its freedom compared to the year before. The annual Human Freedom Index, released today by the Cato Institute and the Fraser Institute, documents how the Covid‐​19 pandemic was a catastrophe for human freedom.

(DBx: Of course, because public policy is made by people and not by pathogens, blame for the catastrophe that Ian reports rests squarely on those persons who stirred up covid hysteria and called for the unprecedented draconian measures that were sold as appropriate means of fighting covid.)