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Capitalists Supply the Rope for Their Own Hanging

My former GMU colleague Tom Hazlett, who is now the Hugh H. Macaulay Professor of Economics at Clemson University, sent to me the following e-mail after reading my earlier post on Marxist historian Malcolm Harris’s assertion, made on NPR, that the fruits of capitalism “have been incredibly destructive”; I share Tom’s e-mail with his kind permission:

Curious that the airwaves over which NPR’s signals ride host communications encased in the technological advances of Marconi, Tesla, Westinghouse, Armstrong and the Radio Corporation of America. So kind of the capitalists to distribute the pearls of Marxian consciousness so far and wide.

DBx: Yep.

Capitalists, as they say, supply the rope with which they’ll be hung by collectivists. Unfortunately for capitalists, both the quality and the supply of that rope are high. Socialists have no corresponding worry. Any ‘rope’ their economies manage to produce would be as flimsy as tissue paper and as difficult to acquire as turnip blood.