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Many are the people who’ve observed that environmentalism is more a religious than a scientific phenomenon. For evidence of the accuracy of this observation, see this call, in Time, to make Earth Day a religious holiday. (HT: Phil Magness who, on his Facebook page, comments “Yes, please do this. I want the ability to invoke the 1st amendment’s establishment clause as a basis for noncompliance with any and all of the enviro-fanatic religion’s regulatory edicts.”)

Writing sensibly about “Earth Day” is Gary Galles.

Peter Suderman writes:

How To Blow Up a Pipeline is an effective film in more ways than one. Not only is it a tense, terse, small-budget heist-style thriller, more indebted to Reservoir Dogs than An Inconvenient Truth, it’s also a subtle—if entirely unintended—indictment of the climate movement’s violent fringe activists.

Talking with Aaron Ross Powell, Deirdre McCloskey explains that religion and liberalism are compatible with each other.

David Henderson applauds states that ease teenagers’ ability to work.

I almost never disagree with my long-time friend and GMU colleague Todd Zywicki, but – while conceding this issue’s exceptional difficulty – I here side with Kent Lassman.

Vivek Ramaswamy decries how “politicians steer trillions of public funds via ESG.”

Michael P Senger tweets: (HT Jay Bhattacharya)

Honestly, for the last three years the entire COVID discussion has just been lockdown supporters doing every mental gymnastic imaginable to keep from admitting to themselves that they supported totalitarianism. It’s more like psychotherapy than science.