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Quotation of the Day…

… is from pages 86-87 of Georgetown University philosopher Jason Brennan’s excellent 2014 book, Why Not Capitalism?:

So, to summarize, there is a range of reasons to have private property, even in utopian conditions. People get value from having objects that they can use at will, without having to ask permission from others. They get value from being able to pursue projects, and to do so, they sometimes need objects over which they gain exclusive control. People have grounds for wanting to be able to pursue projects alone, rather than doing everything collectively. They find value in having spaces that are all their own, so that they can feel “at home” in those spaces. People can form sentimental attachments to particular objects that have a special history. And, finally, the most effective way of making sure some people have the objects they need for their projects is often to follow the rules of private property, rather than treating everything as if it were a common pool to be distributed according to need. Sure, in utopia, we could make do without private property, but private property makes utopia better.