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Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 128 of Thomas Sowell’s 2023 book, Social Justice Fallacies:

The history of totalitarian dictatorships that arose in the twentieth century, and were responsible for the deaths of millions of their own people in peacetime, should be an urgent warning against putting too much power in the hands of any human beings. That some of these disastrous regimes were established with the help of many sincere and earnest people, seeking high ideals and a better life for the less fortunate, should be an especially relevant warning to people seeking social justice, in disregard of the dangers.

DBx: Yes.

You show me someone who proposes to use the state to achieve particular, concrete economic outcomes different from those that would emerge in a free-market order and I’ll show you someone who assumes that the state has both godlike powers and only angelic motivations.