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Fritz Machlup (1902-1983)

Among the many bits of unearned good fortune that have come my way in life is to have been a student in two of Fritz Machlup‘s classes at NYU. (In Spring 1981 I was a student in the last graduate course he taught on one of his specialities, International Trade. That course was phenomenally good. The other course that I took from him, titled – if I recall – “The Methods of Economic Science,” was also superb.)

Knowing of my deep appreciation for Machlup, Rosolino Candela found this 1974 video of him. (He enters the scene at around the five-minute mark.) On display are his charm, erudition, and intellectual strength and courage. It’s been more than 40 years since I last heard Machlup’s voice. Hearing it again brings back many fond memories.

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