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Some Links

Economist Gary Galles decries the Biden administration’s effort to cook the cost-benefit-analysis books.

Sanjai Bhagat is one of the most insightful scholars writing today on financial markets (and of government regulation thereof).

Who’d a-thunk it: “Cities use covid funds to run guaranteed-income experiments.” Two slices:

At least eight cities—including Chicago, Newark, N.J., San Diego, and St. Paul, Minn.—are using leftover Covid relief money to finance their experiments. Taxpayers should understand they are funding a failed idea that could push low-income people away from work and marriage.


The new push for guaranteed income without work will bring back this trend and likely worsen it, since the pilot programs are funding more than mothers and children. Taxpayers deserve to know that the money intended to pay for the Covid crisis is funding a new welfare expansion, one that could cost them dearly while hurting the people it’s supposed to help. If Congress repeats history, Alexandria [VA] isn’t the only city that will see the guaranteed harm that comes with unconditional guaranteed income.

Bob Graboyes examines the argument that Jews stole land in Palestine.

Take the time to appreciate the benefits of free trade.

Pierre Lemieux is understandably dismayed by the poor quality of reporting about inflation.

GMU Econ alum – and now professor at my undergraduate alma mater, Nicholls State University – Jon Murphy reveals the benefits of costs.

My GMU Econ colleague Alex Tabarrok points us to one reason why health-care costs in the U.S. are so high.

Russ Roberts talks with Tyler Cowen about the GOAT of economics.

Wall Street Journal columnist Allysia Finley warns of the designs of the climate lobby. Two slices:

Climate has become religion for the global left. Yet unlike most organized religions that are genuinely committed to helping our fellow man, today’s climate movement figuratively burns heretics at the stake and demands communal sacrifices that serve no purpose but to immiserate humanity.

Consider the calls at the United Nations’s COP28 climate confab this month in Dubai to reduce meat consumption. Banishing fossil fuels and gasoline-powered cars isn’t enough to achieve the climate lobby’s net-zero promised land. Now people must give up their rib-eye steaks and pepperoni pizza.

This crusade to stamp out meat is gaining force. A U.N. report last year held that about 7 gigatons of CO2 reductions—about as much emissions generated from global natural-gas combustion—would have to come from people eating less meat.


The climate lobby knows that restricting people’s consumption of meat and dairy products would be unpopular, if not unconstitutional, in most countries. Instead they urge that governments use regulation, taxes and subsidies to reduce the supply and increase the cost of meat, as they are doing with fossil fuels.

Elites convening at COP28 will still be able to eat $100 prime rib, but the masses will have no choice but to sacrifice their sirloin. The world’s poor will have to continue subsisting on nonnutritious gruel, just as they will have to do without cars, air conditioning and refrigerators, to achieve the global left’s net-zero nirvana.

But make no mistake: The climate religion’s ultimate goal isn’t to reduce carbon emissions or stop global warming. It is to force people to give up material joys and live as ascetics. Today’s climate clergy are like the wanton, well-dressed friar in Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The Canterbury Tales,” ostensibly begging for the poor while living sumptuously. They want to have their meat and eat it too.

Chabria tweets: (HT Jay Bhattacharya)

Most pandemic news was fear-based trauma conditioning and mind control.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s CBS news in March 2020 using footage from an Italian Hospital and trying to pass it off as NYC.

No evidence to suggest things have improved since then.