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“Just Societies” – Not Just Yet (Thank Goodness)

The George Mason University Board of Visitors has, thankfully, delayed the imposition of the “Just Societies” initiative. To win a battle isn’t to win a war, but it’s nevertheless a victory worthy of applause.


In defending the “Just Societies” initiative, a GMU official said that it is necessary, in part, “to teach students how to get along in a diverse world.” Perhaps he’s correct, but in a way that he doesn’t realize. When my colleague Bryan Caplan tweeted out his opposition to this initiative, a GMU student complained to the university’s DEI office. Clearly, GMU has at least one student who must be taught “how to get along in a diverse world.” Reporting to authorities the peaceful expressions of people with whom you disagree is to reject diversity, equity, and inclusion – and, also, tolerance.

The irony, of course, is that the ideology of DEI is one of uniformity of views and inequitable treatment, exclusion, and intolerance of those with different views. The student who complained to the authorities about Bryan’s comment needs no instruction in DEI ideology; he or she already holds a veritable doctorate in this poisonous set of notions. Thank goodness GMU’s Board of Visitors has at least delayed the imposition of yet another measure designed to institutionalize DEI.

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