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Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 234 of the original edition of Walter Lippmann’s sometimes deeply flawed but profoundly insightful and important 1937 book, The Good Society:

[T]he collectivist mentality belongs to the ages before the industrial revolution; it is the ideology of a more primitive, self-contained economy.

DBx: Yes.

The thinking and proposals of “Progressives” are no less antediluvian than are the thinking and proposals of MAGA-types. Both ideologies are rooted in simplistic, often infantile, understandings of the nature of society and economy, mixed with an intolerance for social and economic processes that happen not to satisfy the particular preferences of the “Progressive” or MAGA enthusiast.

Both ideologies are mere modern renditions of ancient prejudices and superstitions. Both ideologies are profoundly illiberal.