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Some Links

Scott Lincicome reports on “some welcome trade facts from White House economists.” A slice:

Fact 2: Foreign direct investment (FDI) is good; the United States is the world’s FDI leader; and there’s been no “giant sucking sound” of capital leaving the country.

James Harrigan reports on the economic damage done to the people of Minneapolis by arrogant government officials who attempt to dictate terms of employee compensation.

GMU Econ alum Dominic Pino shares Andrew Biggs’s correction of Bernie Sanders’s seriously mistaken claims about the economic condition of Americans in or near retirement age.

Ramesh Ponnuru uncovers yet another absurd claim made by the historically ill-informed occasional ‘journalist’ Nikole Hannah-Jones.

David Henderson describes what would be a positive policy move regarding American auto workers. A slice:

That way is to end, at the federal and state levels, all EV mandates, all EV subsidies, and all  subsidies to EV charging stations. Then people could go on buying cars with internal combustion engines (ICE cars) and hybrid vehicles. I predict that the vast majority would do so. Prices would be lower than they are now. Why? Because the mandates cause the car manufacturers to artificially raise the price of ICE vehicles so that fewer of them will be demanded. This is much like the effect of CAFE regulations: even in the 1980s, auto manufactures raised the prices of large gas guzzlers and lowered the prices of small fuel-saving cars to avoid paying the federal government’s CAFE fines. I’ve written about that numerous times and actually my first piece on CAFE, which I wrote after ending my time as the senior economist for energy with Reagan’s Council of Economic Advisers, was in 1985. In it, I predicted the demise of station wagons.

Also from David Henderson is high praise for Bryan Caplan’s forthcoming Build, Baby, Build.

George Selgin busts the myth that banks are not financial intermediaries.

Bob Graboyes shares further thoughts about Israel’s war against Hamas.

I hope that Susan Shelley is correct in predicting a victory for the plaintiffs in Murthy v. Missouri. (HT Jay Bhattacharya)