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Bonus Quotation of the Day…

… is from page 67 of my former GMU Econ colleague Jennifer Roback-Morse’s Winter 1988 Managerial and Decision Economics paper, “W. H. Hutt’s The Economics of the Colour Bar:

Hutt’s belief in the market order is based upon more than the observation that the free market is efficient. He values the market because it limits the harm that ethnic groups can inflict on one another and because it promotes justice and harmony…. Hutt values personal freedom.

DBx: Here’s Richard Ebeling’s remembrance, from 1999, of Hutt on the centenary of his birth.

Again, the important work and memory this great liberal economist is being distorted and misrepresented by simple-minded progressive ‘scholars’ who are so benighted by their priors that they understand neither the liberal philosophy that Hutt championed nor the works and words of Hutt himself.

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