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Pat Boone makes the case for censorship in this Washington Times story:

A healthy society needs censorship to survive, 1950s musical icon Pat Boone said yesterday. He added that he would welcome strong content restrictions governing movies and other artistic works. “I don’t think censorship is a bad word, but it has become a bad word because everybody associates it with some kind of restriction on liberty,” said Mr. Boone…

Yes, they do, at least if they think about it for a moment.

Mr. Boone said that if he were in charge of standards, there would be stringent controls on material. “It must be majority approved … voluntary … and self-imposed,” he said…Self-imposed means that the majority of people say that is what we want, and it can be changed if people’s attitudes change, which is how a democratic society works.”

Yes, if it doesn’t have a Constitution.


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