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A Catastrophe in the Making

Zimbabwe’s government announced on Tuesday that it intends, in the words of the New York Times, “to nationalize all farmland that it had not already confiscated under a contentious program of land seizures begun four years ago.” The government’s Land Minister, John Nkomo, explained:

Ultimately, all land shall be resettled as state property…. It will now be the state which will enable the utilization of the land for national prosperity.

Mr. Nkomo also helpfully advised landowners to give their land to the state voluntarily and immediately, rather than only after they receive formal notices of confiscation: “The state,” according to this public servant, “should not be made to waste time and money on acquisitions.”
What to say? Pity Zimbabwe. Cry for the people enslaved in that place. Hope against hope that there’s a hell in which Robert Mugabe and his vile henchmen will get their due.

Everyone of sense knows exactly what the result of this “policy” will be.