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Put a Lid on that Criticism of Markets

My family and I just returned from spending the morning at the new Wegmans supermarket that opened last month in Fairfax.

What a place!! Wegmans is like no other supermarket I’ve been to, and – loving to shop, loving even to shop for groceries – I’ve been to many. I’ll blog again soon on this remarkable cathedral to creative capitalism and the much-too-much derided consumer culture.

But here I want just to celebrate a new drop of prosperity in the prosperity pool: Solo’s Traveler Plus plastic lids for coffee cups.  Karol and I ran across this convenient item when we bought cups of coffee to drink in Wegmans’ cafe.

Here’s a description of the lid that I found at bookofjoe (at which you’ll also find a picture of this clever little device):

The device consists of two interlocked pieces of lightweight plastic.

The lid is securely reclosable because of its unique swiveling design that easily lets you shut the opening completely, over and over and over without weakening the feature since there’s no hinge to break.

Bonus: the opening takes a straw perfectly, and then swivels just enough to close the opening perfectly around the circular straw profile.

As Karol kept repeating as we wended our way through Wegmans, "Who can not love the market?!"