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Christmas in July

The New York Times reports (rr):

In the House, members voted 412 to 8 in favor of a highway measure
packed with public works projects for every Congressional district in
the nation.

Imagine that.  EVERY Congressional district.  We’re all going to benefit!  Who were those eight courageous souls ashamed to bring pork home for the holiday?  I would think one of them was Jeff Flake:

"The transportation bill contains a record 4,000 earmarks, which is an
ignominious achievement for Republicans," said Representative Jeff
Flake, Republican of Arizona, referring to the pet projects. "I hope
President Bush sticks to his guns and vetoes this bill; Congress could
use the adult supervision."

But not to worry.

But Republicans heralded the two initiatives as a boon to the nation’s
employment picture. "This is about jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs,"
Representative Roy Blunt of Missouri said Thursday.

He should have said it eight times.  Saying it four times doesn’t make it any more true.  Why stop there?