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Sen. Kennedy on the Role of Courts

Karol and I just returned from nearly two weeks in Romania (Bucharest and Transylvania).  Within the next few days, I’ll likely say a bit more about our generally happy impressions of Romania.

But for now I content myself to mention this interview with Ted Kennedy on the nomination of Judge John Roberts to become an associate justice on the U.S. Supreme Court.  (We heard this interview while driving to the airport on July 20th.)  Kennedy mentions four examples of how, if confirmed, Justice Roberts should protect Americans.  One of his examples is protection of women’s right to abortions.  The other three examples are protection from corporations.

While any corporation (or mom’n’pop grocery store, or NGO, or any other person or institution) that violates others’ rights should be held well and truly accountable under the law, it’s telling that Senator Kennedy focuses on corporations, rather than government, as the principal threat to people’s rights and liberties.


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