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He Really Said This!

Senator Max Baucus (D-MT) tried a devious maneuver to keep the Malmstrom Air Force Base, located in Great Falls, Montana, from being closed: at the eleventh hour, he inserted into the pork-laden "transportation" bill a provision that would keep the Base open even though it’s slated to be closed.

Fortunately (amidst the grand misfortunes of this bill), Congress discovered the Senator’s ploy and removed the provision.

Nothing new here; just the usual slimy immorality that takes place daily on Capitol Hill. I report this incident only because it prompted Sen. Baucus, upon learning that his plan failed, to remark:

"I’m sorry that the House acted as if it knows what is best for Great Falls, Montana."

(See this report.)

Reflect on Sen. Baucus’s remark. Here’s only a partial list of some thoughts (not all of which are consistent with each other) that occur to me:

– Sen. Baucus believes that military bases (or at least those in Montana) exist not so much for national defense as to satisfy local needs (i.e., to anchor local economies)

– Sen. Baucus is unaware that people outside of Great Falls, MT, pay taxes to fund Uncle Sam’s projects in Great Falls, MT

– Sen. Baucus thinks that people outside of Great Falls, MT, are less worthy than are the citizens of that fine burgh

– Sen. Baucus believes that a person’s legitimate concerns are limited to spending other-people’s money; and, therefore, any attempt by person A to put a halt to person B’s habit of spending person A’s money against person A’s wishes amounts to person A butting illegitimately into person B’s affairs.



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