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Globalization or Terror: You Choose

Atlanta Journal-Constitution opinion writer Cynthia Tucker today makes the ridiculous and obscene assertion that globalization is “a more insidious force” than is al-Queda.

I don’t have much to more to say about Ms. Tucker’s perspective.  I assume that she’s not an evil person.  Therefore, she must be straw-man ignorant.  I wish that she would read my favorite books on globalization and then revisit this assertion of hers.  My favorite books, by the way, are (in no particular order):

Johan Norberg, In Defense of Global Capitalism (2003)

Douglas Irwin,  Free Trade Under Fire, 2nd ed. (2005)

Martin Wolf, Why Globalization Works (2004)

Russell Roberts, The Choice, 3rd ed (2006)

Tyler Cowen, In Praise of Commercial Culture (1998)

Thomas Larsson, The Race to the Top (2001)

Frederic Bastiat, Economic Sophisms


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