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Buying Local

In the latest EconTalk podcast, Mike Munger and I discuss the division of labor. On April 16th (with John Bogle on the 9th), Don (co-host here at the Cafe) and I discuss the virtues of "buying local," a topic closely related to the division of labor. But in the meanwhile, here is a magnificent illustration (HT: Tim and someone else, please forgive me) of how the division of labor and buying local intersect. It’s the story of a class project to produce a man’s suit using pieces produced within a 100-mile radius of home. Not quite local, but local enough. Wired reports on the result:

The suit took a team of 20 artisans several months to produce — 500
man-hours of work in total — and the finished product wears its rustic
origins on its sleeve.

Self-sufficiency is the road to poverty.

As for the quality of the suit, check out these pictures.