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Competiton is a Dynamic Process

Fred Smith, founder and president of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, explains — in today’s edition of the Washington Times — one of principal problems with the antitrust theory that still motivates bureaucrats such as those at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).  Here’s a key paragraph:

Antitrust theory ignores the permeability of the boundaries of all
markets. True, the first company to break into a market can charge
higher prices and realize higher profits. After all, it takes time for
established competitors to adapt to meet a newcomer’s challenge. And
the changes are obvious even to a casual observer — witness traditional
supermarkets’ adoption of organic foods. But potential new competitors
are always waiting in the wings.

Elsewhere in his op-ed, Fred correctly reasons that the FTC’s attempt to block the merger of Whole Foods with Wild Oats was preposterous.


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