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More on Hillary Clinton's Tears

"Student" and some others wonder what Ms. Cllnton said, during her tearful episode yesterday in New Hampshire, that gives me solid ground for pointing out that the former First Lady and current U.S. Senator from New York lusts for power and shed her tears, sincerely, at the (terribly delusional) thought of her own greatness and importance.  You can read here what Ms. Clinton said.  And below is a letter that I sent earlier today, on this matter, to the Wall Street Journal:

Surely I’m not alone in
being horrified by the soaring narcissism and arrogance that Hillary
Clinton revealed yesterday during her tearful moment in New Hampshire
("Tears Have Turned Campaigns," January 8).  She confessed that she
could not maintain her brutal campaign pace if she "didn’t just
passionately believe it was the right thing to do."  The Senator
continued: "I have so many ideas for this country, and I just don’t
want to see us fall backwards as a nation. This is very personal for

No one person is as important to a free country as Ms.
Clinton fancies herself to be.  More fundamentally, her burning
"personal" desire to subject all Americans to her "many ideas" is
evidence of a frightening itch to be a social engineer.  Anyone itching
as badly as Ms. Clinton claims to itch to rule over others should never
be trusted with power.

Donald J. Boudreaux

Now here’s an interesting discovery: just now, as I went back to this WSJ report, I see that the quotation attributed to Ms. Clinton is changed somewhat from what was reported earlier.  Now it is reported that she said "I have so many opportunities from this country, and I just don’t want
to see us fall backwards as a nation. This is very personal for me."  That is, "opportunities from" has replaced "ideas for."  I assume that the updated report is the correct one.  Still, I don’t see that this update in any way diminishes the narcissism infecting Ms. Clinton’s comments.  Indeed, "I have so many opportunities from this country" seems to me potentially even more revealing of the woman’s power lust and grotesquely inflated sense of self-importance.  (The Wall Street Journal was not the only publication to mis-quote Ms. Clinton.  New York Magazine, for example, also did so.)


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