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The Spitzer Matter: It IS Private

I sent this letter just now to the New York Times:

Gov. Eliot Spitzer says
that his patronage of prostitutes is a "private matter" ("Spitzer Is
Linked to Prostitution Ring
," March 10).  He’s correct; that matter is
between himself and his family and is no one else’s business.  I wish
only that Mr. Spitzer understood that many of his most famous crusades
– for example, against musical-recording companies aggressively
marketing their products, against banks lending money to lower-income
consumers, and, indeed, even against prostitution rings(!) – were
crusades against behaviors that in each case is a "private matter."

Mr. Spitzer wants us to butt out of his private affairs, he should from
here on in set an example by butting out of everyone else’s private

Donald J. Boudreaux

Of course, Spitzer is a professional busy-body, so he’s unlikely to mind only his own business even as he asks us to mind only our own.