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My Argument for Redistribution

Here’s a letter that I recently sent to the Boston Globe:

William Joseph Leach is correct: arguments for income "redistribution"
typically rest on nothing more firm than highly subjective assessments
by Jones of what Smith "needs" or "doesn’t need" (Letters, October 5).

such assessments truly justify "redistribution," why start with
monetary wealth?  Far better first to redistribute political power.
Such power – unlike wealth in market economies – is extracted from
voters who have little incentive or ability to wisely assess what they
receive in return for their votes.  I believe that neither John McCain
nor Barack Obama needs the power that one of them will soon acquire.
The same is true of Members of Congress, high-level bureaucrats, and
governors: they neither need nor deserve the power they possess.

redistribute this power widely and more equally, to the masses, so that
America is rid of unconscionable and socially destabilizing
concentrations of power.

Donald J. Boudreaux