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Vote Don't Vote

I’m thinking of not voting this year.

After turning eighteen, I’ve never sat out a presidential election. So this would be a first.

Voting this year just doesn’t feel right. The bailout really pushed me over the top, at least for now. Both candidates said ignorant things about why we had to have it. Neither candidates can say no to any demand. Do you know how big spending is going to be next year? Three TRILLION and counting. But neither can find any significant program that has to go or be cut.

I’ve voted libertarian at times in the past. But Bob Barr doesn’t do it for me.

When I watch this, it makes me feel a lot better about not voting. (HT: Reason.tv’s Don’t Vote (Rational Ignorance Remix)), which also adds to the good feeling).

I know, not voting is un-American. But not respecting the Constitution is un-American. So voting for someone who does not respect the Constitution seems un-American to me.

I may change my mind. Use the comments to tell me why I should or shouldn’t.