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The meaning of "quickly"

The Senate and the Washington Post use "quickly" differently than I do:

Nearly every aspect of the Treasury Department‘s
$700 billion bailout program has sparked fierce debate except for one:
the need to establish a strong watchdog agency as swiftly as possible.

The Senate Banking Committee yesterday held a confirmation hearing for Neil M. Barofsky, the White House
nominee to be special inspector general for the plan, and members were
nearly unanimous in their praise for his work as a federal prosecutor
in New York. Several explicitly said they would vote for him.

"Clearly, we want to have you on the job as fast as we can," said Sen. Christopher J. Dodd (D-Conn.), who chairs the committee.

I think Paulson has already spent $290 billion of the first $350 billion allocated to him. He doesn’t plan to spend any more. It’s seems the watchdog is a little late getting on the job, don’t you think?