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In this earlier post, you helped me come up with some names for the spending package. Limn means to illuminate or describe. So limnulus (the "n" is silent) is to describe or illuminate the stimulus package. OK, I can't sleep–I'm recovering from the flu and these weird words keep flashing through my brain. React in the comments or add your own:

Sinkorswimulus–we just had to pass it. We didn't have a choice

Head-I-win-tails-u-lus–if the economy gets better—it was because of the stimulus. If it tanks further, the stimulus just wasn't big enough

Grimulus–what I'm worried we're in for

Grimmulus–the fairy tale that spending a dollar produces $1.50 of wealth.

I think the last one is my favorite. But hey–it's five in the morning, I should be asleep, and my judgment is highly suspect.


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