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Andrew Cuomo, man of system

The man of system, Andrew Cuomo, ignores the contradictions between the first paragraph and the last in this excerpt from this New York Times story:

Moreoever, the attorney general argued that contracts can be
renegotiated. He said that because A.I.G. had received federal bailout
money, it had to consider what was best for taxpayers.

“You could argue that if taxpayers hadn’t bailed out A.I.G., the
contracts wouldn’t be worth the paper they were signed on,” he said.

The attorney general is seeking the list of employees who will
receive these bonuses, as well as their job information and
performances. Mr. Cuomo said that the company had failed to heed a
previous request for this list.

Mr. Cuomo is also demanding the contracts guaranteeing these bonuses
and the names of individuals who developed and negotiated the

During the call, he said that he is not seeking to “micromanage” private businesses.


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