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A health care manifesto

What are the key principles of reform that would allow us to talk about reform without putting it in scare quotes? It would be nice to have ten (or fewer) principles that someone could sign on to without embarrassment. I’m thinking of:

  • More power to the consumer rather than less
  • Spend our own money, not someone else’s
  • Real prices not fake ones

Or maybe something better than those. Maybe it’s ten things to keep in mind about health care such as:

  • Health care isn’t health insurance
  • People spend their own money more carefully than they spend the money of other people
  • Incentives matter
  • Politics anything where money gets handed out

I’ve been provoked by this Atlantic article by David Goldhill. The principles seem to make so much sense. To give power to these ideas they have to be made a little easier to stand behind. A manifesto would help. Suggest away.