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Dishonorable and Diminished?

Here’s a letter of mine published in today’s Washington Post:

The Aug. 11 editorial “More Quitters (R-Fla., R-Tex.)” excoriated elected officials who, seeking higher office or fatter paychecks, quit the posts to which they were elected. The editorial said, “When they quit early to further their ambitions or to pad their bank accounts, or simply because they’ve lost interest, they dishonor their positions and diminish themselves.” And it mentioned several politicians who deserve induction into your “Quitters Hall of Fame,” such as Sens. Kay Bailey Hutchison, Mel Martinez and Trent Lott.

So why no mention of Barack Obama? Not only did he quit the Senate seat to which he was elected, but during much of the time he held that seat, he was away from Washington campaigning for higher office. If you believe what you write, you must regard Mr. Obama as dishonorable and diminished.


The same, of course, can be said of our current Secretary of State.