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Save the Spinach!

My and Russ’s friend Pietro Poggi-Corradini, a mathematics professor at Kansas State University, recently informed us by e-mail of his concern for green growing things:

From now on if I’ll skip the salad during a meal I will loudly proclaim that I’m happy to do so because that “will save some lettuce”, which is akin to what some people say when they pass on using paper because that’ll “save some trees”.

When I asked Pietro for his permission to post his keen observation here at the Cafe, he wrote back, agreeing, and added

When I posted this on my FaceBook status the first answer I got was that “businesses don’t plan far enough ahead, while trees take a long time to grow”. In fact there couldn’t be a more appropriate comparison: businesses take a long time to grow too: they’re very much like trees.

True dat!


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