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Defending Obama

Here’s a letter that I just sent to the Baltimore Sun:

Len Bollinger is upset with Pres. Obama because the president hasn’t delivered on his campaign promise that, as Mr. Bollinger puts it, “Special interests and the influence of lobbyists was going to end” (Letters, Jan. 19).

Mr. Bollinger should be more upset with himself and American voters for believing Mr. Obama to be capable of the impossible.

Any government that annually spends $3-plus trillions of dollars, and regulates trillions upon trillions of dollars worth of other resources, will inevitably be targeted by special interests and their lobbyists.  And any government manned by persons capable of the duplicity, pandering, and cheap theatrics required to win elections will inevitably and without shame put itself at the service of these special interests.

Donald J. Boudreaux