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Hayek in Texas

Is Hayek an important enough economist to be taught in Texas schools alongside Keynes and Friedman? Justin Wolfers says no. Bill Easterly says yes.

I’m always happy to spread Hayek’s name around. But the real question isn’t whether F. A. is worthy. The real question is why is there a state-wide board making a decision like this. Of course it’s going to a political decision instead of the one that’s best for the students. But maybe just as importantly, it imposes a one-size-fits-all solution. So while I happen to like more Hayek, I’m sure there are many things I wouldn’t like about the Texas state schoool decision. But all parents are stuck with the state-wide decisions.

Wolfers thinks Hayek’s unworthy. I’m sure there are thousands if not millions of Texas parents who agree. But instead of competition among schools over what children should learn, it’s a top-down decision. Bad idea.