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Poof! Problem Solved.

On the 11pm local news last night – NBC News 4 (WRC) here in DC – U.S. Rep. Donna Edwards (D-MD) smilingly told a reporter that, now that Obamacare has passed, the health-care costs that until now troubled her district in Maryland “will go away.”

Why is a person such as the Hon. Ms. Edwards portrayed as being anything other than a clown?  Why are her pronouncements about reality accorded more respect and treated as being more worthy than are pronouncements about string theory issued by a typical three-year old?

Saying that legislation can make health-care costs “go away” is the economics equivalent of saying that legislation can make the earth flat or can make earthworms bipedal.

Putting any part of the economy into the hands of politicians is like putting the space program into the hands of astrologers.


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