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First, Clean Your Room!

Here’s another letter to the New York Times:

The group Green My Parents teaches children to prod adults into becoming more ‘green’ (“How to Green Your Parents,” April 22).  Allison Arieff approves.  She croons that “GMP recognizes that young people are inherently attuned to their environment and understand the importance of protecting it.”


Kids aren’t inherently attuned to the environmental condition of even their own bedrooms, as a peek into a typical twelve-year-old’s room will instantly prove.  So it’s asinine to think that children “inherently” care about the condition of Siberia or of Brazilian rainforests.

Today’s prattling by young people about how awfully dirty the globe is reflects not kids’ “inherent” tuning-in to the global environment but, instead, their indoctrination – performed by teachers and popular media – into the Church of Gaia.

Donald J. Boudreaux