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My Son Knows Better Than to Try Such Foolishness at Home

Here’s a letter to the New York Times:

Applauding efforts to instruct children on how to scold their parents into becoming more ‘green,’ Allison Arieff reports that families can save both money and the environment “By washing in cold water, walking or biking to school/work and kicking the bottled-water habit….  GMP’s [Green My Parents’] founders suggest that by taking simple steps like those, the average family could save over $1,000 each year” (“How to Green Your Parents,” April 22).

Wow!  Who knew?!

Now that Sissy and Junior are enlightening mom’n’dad about how much money the family wastes on frivolous luxuries such as getting to work on time, the family will no doubt find yet other ways to save money while helping the environment.  For example, by taking no more family vacations.  These carbon-intensive excursions often cost several thousands of dollars each year while inflicting great damage on mother earth.  And for what?  Nothing more noble than to satisfy silly and selfish desires such as to see grandma and grandpa face-to-face.

With parents’ eyes finally opened to all the money they waste on perilous-to-the-planet indulgences like hot water, Americans can look forward to the day when every family boasts a bank account bursting with bucks and a lifestyle like that of pre-industrial peasants.

Talk about sustainable!

Donald J. Boudreaux