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Constitutionally Inconsistent

Like the A.C.L.U.’s Anthony Romero, writing in the “Letters” section of today’s New York Times, I detest Arizona’s anti-immigration statute.  And I agree that it at least skirts on the edge of violating the Constitution.

But it’s mighty annoying that the A.C.L.U. and many other left-liberal voices so self-righteously defend the Constitution on the question of Arizona’s legislation but champion that document’s violation by the likes of Obamacare and other “progressive” policies.

Has the A.C.L.U. pointed out that the Constitution does not grant the national government any power to force Americans to buy health insurance?  Where were “progressives'” predictions of police-state abuses when the F.D.A. announced that it will regulate something as personal and as private as the amount of salt that each American consumes?


The trouble with a “living Constitution” is that it eventually commits suicide.


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