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by Don Boudreaux on May 9, 2010

in Books, Crime, Growth, Politics, Prices, Regulation, Taxes, Video

Cato’s Dan Mitchell explains, in this short video, six reasons why the optimal capital-gains tax rate is zero.

Susan Dudley and Melissa Warren – in this letter in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal – expose the perverse incentives faced by government bureaucrats.

John Stossel offers a quick and useful tutorial on the economics of price ceilings.

Niall Ferguson reviews the most recent book written by Richard Posner – whom Ferguson describes as a “small-government Keynesian.”

The Division of Labour’s Joshua Hall chimes in on Singapore’s economic success.

Megan McArdle on the reality of the ‘war on drugs.’  (Warning: violence)

Bob Higgs offers a helpful guide for translating politician-speak into plain English.


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