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Cleaned by Capitalism XX

Every Christmas, Wallace Trevillian – founder and first Dean of Clemson University’ business school – sends as gifts to his many friends around the country big tins of delicious roasted Virginia peanuts.  Just today I polished off the peanuts received this past Christmas.  The peanuts I ate today were as fresh and as yummy as were the peanuts that I ate from that tin back in December.

One source of this sustained freshness is, of course, the tin itself: it helps to protect the peanuts from the outside air.  But at least as important as the tin is this relatively new yet unheralded and generally overlooked invention, a packet of which was with the peanuts inside of the tin:

This small package of AGELESS Oxygen Absorber keeps the inside of the metal peanut tin free of pollutants that cause peanuts to go stale.

I don’t know who invented AGELESS Oxygen Absorbers and, quite honestly, I’m too busy now to use Google to find out.  But, to whoever he or she is, I say this as I raise a glass to this benefactor: “I applaud your creativity, smarts, and achievement.  Because of you, our world is a little bit cleaner and safer – and tastier!  Many sincere thanks.”