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by Don Boudreaux on June 15, 2010

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Bob Higgs wishes that the end were near for apocalyptic fear-mongering.

I dare anyone to read this short essay in the Washington Post by Charles Lane and not conclude that the $23 billion “teacher bailout” has almost nothing to do with education and nearly everything to do with interest-group politics.  And here’s the take on this same issue by the ever-insightful Steve Landsburg.

University of Maryland Professor of Environmental Policy Robert Nelson, writing in the Miami Herald, explains that environmentalism is very much a religion.

University of Mississippi economist – and my former colleague at GMU – Bill Shughart, writing in the Washington Times, explains that Franklin Roosevelt’s administration was more honest about counting jobs than is the current administration.

In this short video, economics PhD student Orphe Divounguy explains the opportunity-dampening effects of minimum-wage legislation.

In Saturday’s Wall Street Journal, the Cato Institute’s Gerry O’Driscoll explains why regulation-by-government promotes troubles such as oil spills and financial meltdowns.


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