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Rational Optimist author Matt Ridley has this superb essay at Your Olive Branch. This essay is especially highly recommended to those persons who worry about income inequality in capitalist societies.

Gary Wolfram certainly channels Bob Higgs.

Here’s the second installment in my three-part series on ‘unpuzzling’ the economy’s complexity.  (FYI, please note that this column is for a newspaper.  It is not a venue in which the frontiers of economic understanding are pushed out.  My goal with this newspaper column, since I began writing it five years ago, is to make economic understanding accessible to a lay audience.)

Goldman, Wells Fargo, J.P. Morgan – hmm.  Wonder how they made this list?

Alvaro Vargas Llosa further exposes Hugo Chavez to be a ruthless dictator.  (Hollywood fanatics are Stone deaf to this truth – and to them, and indeed anyone, I recommend Paul Hollander’s superb book Political Pilgrims.


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