Wells Fargo economists explain the role of capital investment – especially that of IT investments – in boosting manufacturing productivity. (HT Cortes DeRussy)

Cato’s Dan Ikenson again – and again powerfully and eloquently – exposes the economic ignorance that undergirds the hostility of pundits and pols toward Americans who choose to trade with the Chinese.

Steve Landsburg on the case for, or against, unemployment benefits.

Gerry O’Driscoll, in this essay that appeared originally in the Wall Street Journal, explains how today’s debates over the merits and demerits of “stimulus” spending were rehearsed nearly 80 years ago by Hayek and Keynes.

Wal-Mart should indeed be stopped from doing this – as explained by John Stossel.

Nicole Gelinas, writing in the Washington Examiner, explains how Dodd-Frank “enshrines bailouts into law.

Dan Mitchell explains, in this 5+ minute-long video, the “Rahn Curve” – a stylized depiction of the optimal level of government spending.

Jonah Goldberg rightly warns against the tyranny of the self-righteous.


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