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by Don Boudreaux on July 21, 2010

in Debt and Deficits, Economics, History, Law, Legal Issues, Media, Subsidies, War

Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby argues against government subsidies to journalists and the news media.  (My two cents: anyone who believes that a government-subsidized press would not be a politically beholdened press – a press leashed like a lap dog to its paymaster’s fist – is hopelessly out of touch with reality.)

Katya Brancato – who earned her economics PhD from GMU – turned her dissertation into an excellent book.

Former GMU student Ryan Young explains, at the American Spectator, some differences between economists and economics.

I join Paul Jacob in celebrating and applauding the great work done by the Institute for Justice.

Bob Higgs does battle, with his always-mighty pen, against America’s ominously growing surveillance state.

And Bob Higgs here calms fears of foreign investments in dollar-denominated assets – if not of Uncle Sam’s profligacy.

Like James Pethokoukis, I don’t want Obama to be pro-business.

Over at EconLog, Arnold Kling carefully examines the austerity of 1945-1947.


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