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Inconvenient Truths for “Environmentalists”

In these two videos, the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s R.J. Smith discusses, first, the history of environmentalism, and, second, the tragedy of the commons.  Great viewing!

Also from CEI, Marlo Lewis blogs on Indur Goklany’s research into the happy trend of weather-related human deaths.  Here’s Marlo’s opening:

The indomitable Indur Goklany — “Goks” to his friends — has just posted a primer on extreme weather-related mortality entitled, Global Death Toll From Extreme Weather Events Declining.

If you are one of the hapless millions who watched Al Gore’s scare-you-mentary, An Inconvenient Truth, with its ad nauseum footage of hurricanes, tornadoes, drought, and floods, you might think that carbon dioxide emissions are making the world a more dangerous place.

Goks’ primer demolishes this falsehood. It also reaches the heretical conclusion that restrictions on carbon-based energy would actually impede progress in reducing deaths and death rates related to extreme weather.