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by Don Boudreaux on August 2, 2010

in Civil Asset Forfeiture, Financial Markets, State of Macro, Stimulus, The Crisis, The Economy, Work

In this Pittsburgh Tribune-Review op-ed, Bob Higgs explores the recent anemic creation of private-sector jobs.  Here’s his closing line:

Unfortunately, anemic private employment tempts politicians to intervene even more in the economy, heightening the uncertainty and discouraging investors further in a vicious cycle.

Writing in last Sunday’s Washington Post, Thor Halvorssen dissects the ruthless Hugo Chavez – and helps to rescue the reputation of Simon Bolivar.

Bruce Yandle worries about Uncle Sam’s profligacy.

The Institute for Justice’s Bob Ewing exposes more of the utter disgracefulness of civil asset forfeiture.

Will Wilkinson – in this post from a few weeks back – is wise to recommend the advice of Vernon Smith.


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